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The earth is getting warmer, health is suffering and cooling is becoming increasingly important. Times are changing for all of us. But: We see this as a challenge and want to support you in adapting to climate change and protecting your health. Here you will find all the news, info and trends from our cooling specialists.


Climate change can no longer be ignored. Climate experts argue about how fast our planet is heating up and where exactly the consequences are to be expected. But the fact is that we will have to prepare for more hot days in the future and that the human body will have to cope with this in some form or another. Exhaustion and problems with concentration and performance are already part of everyday life for many – including all the associated health risks. This is why the topic of cooling down is becoming increasingly important.

There are already plenty of ways to cool the body. But which ones are effective, which method is the right one for which need, what do you have to look out for in detail and what advantages and disadvantages have to be taken into account?

We have compiled the most important facts on the subject of air conditioning for you, provide clarification and help you find the right measure for you personally


The health risks of climate change are becoming clearer. But what exactly does heat do to our body, when does it become dangerous? What dangers are we exposed to at work, in sport and in our free time? Who is particularly at risk? What new findings are there in science? And above all - what protective measures are there in general and which are the right ones for everyone personally?
Here you will find all the important information on the subject of heat and protective measures.


In the technical air conditioning section, we inform you about different types of air conditioning, what needs to be considered and which type of air conditioning is climate-friendly so that you can use it at home. In addition, there are many useful tips and tricks on how to best cool your rooms and yourself.


Climate change can no longer be denied. Therefore, the need for everyday and individual cooling for both body and room cooling is becoming increasingly important. Textile air conditioning with cooling vests, cooling shirts, head, arm and leg cooling systems and textile room air conditioning are becoming increasingly important here.
Hier erhalten Sie alle wichtigen Informationen über die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten und Verfahren.


The climate on our planet has an impact on the climate in the workplace.

What to do when it gets hot and stuffy in the office? When working in the workshop or outdoors is almost unbearable? The stresses of heat make you exhausted and can be harmful to your health. Doctors and ergonomists have shown this in studies.
Here you will find all the studies and facts about what the world of work 4.0 looks like and what options there are for air conditioning in individual sectors.


Climate researchers and physicians have known for a long time. And since last summer at the latest, everyone has known that too much heat causes problems. Not only do you feel exhausted, the high temperatures also pose a risk to your health, concentration and performance.

In order to protect health, it is important to ensure effective heat protection - climate-neutral, of course.

The installation of air conditioning or similar energy and CO2-intensive technologies exacerbates climate change and heat development and is therefore not a sustainable solution. Here you can find out what cooling options are available for all areas of life.


With some illnesses, many things are no longer as they used to be. In summer, with rising temperatures, it can also become dangerous. More and more patients suffer from worsening symptoms or other complaints in the summer months. In extreme cases, the high energy consumption, high heart rate and dehydration lead to exhaustion and, in serious cases, to heat cramps or heat exhaustion. Here you will find all studies and facts about health through cooling.


When the sun is shining, you like to be in the fresh air and enjoy exercise. But: Our earth is getting warmer and warmer. That is why it is important, especially in sports, to ensure effective heat protection in order to protect your health.

In addition, doctors and sports scientists have been showing in numerous studies for several years that good athletic performance can only be achieved with the optimal body temperature. Here you will find all studies and facts about cooling in sports.

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