High temperatures endanger health. That’s why more and more professional associations are promoting E.COOLINE cooling clothing.


Thank you for visiting our shop! Cooling vests and cooling hats are the ultimate heat tip for use in hot weather in the office, when working outdoors or in your free time. But did you know that there are numerous funding opportunities? We would be happy to inform you.*

The VBG is one of the largest professional associations in Germany. As a provider of statutory accident insurance,
it offers security to over 1.5 million member companies from over 100 industries
with over ten million insured employees.

Funding campaign:
Procurement of cooling clothing (e.g. vests, scarves, helmet inserts)

max. funding:
40% of the investment costs

BG BAU is one of the largest employers’ liability insurance associations in Germany. As the statutory accident insurance provider for the construction industry and construction-related services, we look after more than 3 million insured persons, around 584,000 companies and approx. 60,000 private construction projects.

Funding campaign:
Cooling clothing (e.g. vests, scarves, cooling helmet inserts)

max. funding:
50% of the acquisition costs per measure with the following restrictions:
– For cooling vests the funding is a maximum of €100 per piece

Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg is a statutory accident insurance institution. It is a public corporation with self-administration.

Funding campaign:
– headwear
– Cool vests
– Additional equipment for protective helmets

max. funding:
Grants per measure amounting to 50% of the acquisition costs
– for headgear, including cooling baseball caps with peak/neck protection (max. 30 €/piece)
– for cooling vests (max. 100 €/piece)

The Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture promotes the purchase of selected prevention products. The funding is intended to motivate companies to optimize occupational health and safety in their operations. Start of funding February 1, 2024, 12.00 noon

Funding campaign:
– Cooling clothing (vests; cooling caps with neck protection; shirts)
– Sun protection caps with neck protection

max. funding:
50%, max. 400€

* Please clarify your individual funding options with your responsible employers’ liability insurance association or accident insurance fund.

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