Per Bittner jubelt nach dem Triathlonsieg

E.COOLINE cooling clothing reduces the temperature load. Especially in endurance disciplines such as a marathon or triathlon, arm coolers and cooling headgear ensure better thermoregulation and thus a significant increase in performance. In other words: victory despite the heat. The constant cooling, which can also be “reloaded” at each aid station with cold water (e.g. with the provided sponges), counteracts premature exhaustion. So that the athlete arrives at the finish line after all the training.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to the professionals. Every recreational athlete also benefits from E.COOLINE, because active cooling ensures success and fun during sports even in extreme heat.


In the meantime, more than one study has proven: The right body temperature decides between victory and defeat. For this reason, top athletes such as the German National Athletics Team (DLV) have been using cooling vests with COOLINE SX3 technology since 2013. In some cases, not only the athletes but also the sports reporters were cooled while in action – as could be seen on free TV, a.o. The decathlon team, from runner-up Michael Schrader to European champion Arthur Abele and world and European champion Niklas Kaul, gave an exemplary demonstration. During the warm-up, between each discipline and often even between each attempt e.g. in the discus throw, etc. the cooling vest was put on again. Result: World and European Champion Germany

In this regard, decathlon national coach Christopher Hallmann to the address of E.COOLINE:

“The decathlon days were the hottest days of the European Championships. The tartan was 70 degrees at times… so the cooling down always came in handy 🙂 and thus they also bear a percentage of Arthur’s gold medal.”


Cooling during sports brings a lot. Not only more fun and better well-being, but also better performance.

In addition to the impressive international studies on cooling in sports, E.COOLINE itself has of course been tested in studies. Because not all cooling is the same. The results were clear.


Better lactate values, better body temperature, better VO2 max values, which means less energy consumption for the same performance. In one study, this resulted in up to 10% more power. In practice, that was up to two whole stadium laps more within the same time.

Graphic: Increase in performance and lactate values ​​in endurance sports

For this reason, professionals cool not only during sports but also before (e.g. during the warm-up) and after and during every break. With cooling clothing such as cooling vests and cooling shirts, but also with cooling caps, bandanas and neck scarves, the body is cooled for about 20-30 minutes before the run. This is called precooling. This measure also ensures that the body is relieved of the following temperature load during sports, as it takes much longer for the body to sweat itself and this saves energy that is needed during sports. If you then also cool down in every break – this is called intercooling – this of course additionally reduces the energy input that the body would otherwise have to perform itself in order to regulate the temperature.


The right regeneration method is crucial for success in many sports. More and more races and competitions in ever shorter sequences demand a lot from the athletes’ bodies. But also more and more recreational athletes run several times a week and running events are in trend. The winner is not always the best, but the one who stays injury-free. How can this be achieved? In a large-scale study led by the University of Saarbrücken, several regeneration measures were tested for their effectiveness. The result: cooling is one of the few measures that leads to effective results in regeneration. There are also already some running events that test the runners after they cross the finish line in terms of physical condition and then cool them down to reduce post-run heat-related effects


What is meant by proper regeneration? Recovery time is shortened, the cardiovascular system is supported and, according to sports physicians, micro-injuries can thus be contained at the outset before more serious injuries occur in the next training session. As a result, the athlete is faster fit again and more likely to remain injury-free. A successful athletic performance is therefore more likely. With cooling vests, arm, head and leg coolers, this is becomes the “ice bucket” to take with you, so to speak. Mobile, simple, hygienic and effective.


Runners and athletes like to be out in the fresh air and love the outdoors. For this reason, smart functional sports products like active cooling clothing should also be sustainable and climate-friendly. E.COOLINE is partly made by upcycling and reusing waste fibers.

In addition, water consumption is significantly lower compared to “ice barrels” or large pools of water. You don’t need pre-cooling in the freezer or ice either, which comes with high energy consumption and additional CO2 emissions. E.COOLINE converts heat naturally into effective cooling through the evaporative cooling of water. In addition, all products are already climate neutral since 2013. For this, our company has won the Climate Protection Award 2019/2020. Thus, with E.COOLINE all athletes can cool themselves CO2 neutral and protect not only themselves, but also the environment.



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