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Coughing and breathlessness are actually enough. With respiratory diseases such as COPD, some things don’t work as they used to. On hot days, the lungs also have to help regulate the body temperature. Yet this puts additional strain on the airways.
According to the Charité scientists, this increases the risk of death from chronic lung disease by up to 43%.
Alternative: Spend the summer at home with air conditioning? No barbecue, no city stroll with ice cream, no exercise in the fresh air? This cannot be the solution! Apart from the fact that a summer under air conditioning is very expensive and increases CO2 emissions. So what to do?


E.COOLINE cooling functional clothing offers a mobile, simple and inexpensive solution for heat problems. Unlike air conditioners or stronger medicines, E.COOLINE cooling functional clothing is the natural alternative. It helps you to stay healthy and cool through the summer. The lungs are relieved of the otherwise necessary thermoregulation by the natural body cooling. This helps with breathing.

Hospital stays can be reduced as a result.

Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures to cool the body. Wear E.COOLINE cooling clothes on hot days. If you don’t know in the morning whether it will be hot? No problem: you can take a scarf or a cooling baseball cap with you everywhere. Water is usually available everywhere or you can simply take a small bottle with you. Activated in 5 seconds, cooling is always with you.

So: Just put it on or take it with you and enjoy the summer for hours everywhere. With E.COOLINE you always feel cool and dry. The cool waistcoats, scarves, caps or even T-shirts and calf coolers are also hygienic, as all products have an antibacterial finish with natural silver and are washable. Simply to be worn instead of or over the regular clothes. Tested by doctors and clinics.


Can it be that sport is dangerous in respiratory diseases? Certainly not! Many studies show that physical activity is especially important for chronic lung diseases such as COPD or asthma and strengthens lung function. However – this can end in hospitalisation in summer or in hot countries. In an emergency, it can also lead to death if the lungs fail. Therefore, in these cases, exercise in summer or as a general preventive measure with a cooling waistcoat or cooling T-shirt. You sweat less, the body and especially the lungs are protected and the risk of heat is reduced. But which sport is the right one?

Walking, cycling, hiking or other moderate sports have a very positive effect on physical and mental performance – an important topic in respiratory diseases. Team sports with extreme performance pressure tend to have less of an effect, whereby it always depends on the intensity. The main thing is exercise – even in summer. It would even be counterproductive to spend the summer indoors because of the heat risks predicted for COPD, for example. You can also exercise outdoors. However, E.COOLINE cooling functional clothing is recommended on warm and hot days. If you don’t know whether it will be hot in the morning? No problem – you can take a scarf, cooling baseball cap or even a waistcoat or T-shirt with you wherever you go, and you’ll have a bottle of water with you anyway.


Heat problems can be prevented by avoiding excessive sweating and regular cooling.


Do not exercise when the ambient temperature is too high (especially in summer at midday or when the sun is blazing).

In summer, protect yourself from the heat by wearing headgear.

Avoid overexertion: It is better to do endurance training at a reduced intensity.

Sport in the water keeps you cool.

Cooling by having cold drinks and sucking ice cubes.

Slowly cool down by showering after physical exercise and cold foot baths.

Cooling with cooling clothing such as E.COOLINE.


Some people with respiratory diseases such as COPD react with breathing problems, especially in high temperatures, which often leads to extensive complaints and even hospitalisation. According to recent studies by Charité Berlin, the risk of death increases by up to 43%. Cooling with cooling clothing is particularly important when it comes to such problems. Exercise itself is important for lung function and staying indoors for weeks is rather counterproductive. Therefore, if you suffer from respiratory diseases, you should by no means abstain from outdoor physical activity, but pay attention to the following rules:

  • Start slowly
  • Ãœberlastung vermeiden, evtl. Sportintensität senken
  • Take some breaks
  • Take magnesium
  • Drink a lot
  • Wear cooling clothes

Respiratory diseases are no reason to avoid travelling to warmer countries. However, they should not be too hot and the humidity should not be too high.
The lungs, along with the sweat glands in the skin, are needed for thermoregulation of the body and this can overtax the lungs in high temperatures.A discussion with the doctor treating you is important, as is a good self-assessment of your own strength. Important: Bring E.COOLINE cooling vest and cooling baseball cap.

Always and everywhere cool with the PowerVital waistcoat SX3 and the Powercool SX3 Basecap

Immer häufiger stellt sich die Frage, wie man seine Medikamente in den Urlaub transportieren kann. Medicines cannot be left in the sun or stored at very high temperatures. They can change or even lose their effectiveness. It is therefore very important to cool the medicines, for example with the E.COOLINE Outdoor Coolbag, so that the necessary medicines remain cool and intact.

Powercool SX3 BigPad and Outdoor CoolBag: The ideal companions for on the go


During hot spells, emergency admissions of patients with chronic lung diseases increase significantly. Due to climate change and the increasing risk of heat stress, it is necessary to take measures to reduce this risk.
During the summer of 2012, for example, this heat stress led to a significant increase in COPD-related emergency admissions in Berlin. During the study period, a total of 335 emergency admissions of patients with COPD exacerbations were registered. Since then, summers have become much more extreme. To relieve the lungs during respiratory illnesses, cooling with E.COOLINE cooling functional clothing also supports.



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