Ecooline gewinnt PlusX Award - Darstellung der Powercool SX3 Raceweste

E.COOLINE has once again convinced. This time thePowercool SX3 race vest was the focus of attention and convinced the jury of the Plus X Award in terms of innovation, high quality, ease of use and ergonomics.

With international and independent expert jurors from over 80 industries, with 23 competent strategic partners and with more than 700 participating international brands, the Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. Newly developed and innovative technologies, exceptional designs, and intelligent and simple operating concepts are worthy of an award.

Criteria such as good ergonomic and ecological product features, a comprehensive range of functions, and the use of high-quality materials and their processing also lead to a sustainable product with a long service life and are therefore also worthy of an award.

All this is fulfilled by the E.COOLINE® Powercool® SX3 race vest, which is the first actively cooling vest to combat heat stress without an external energy source. With its technical design language, the E.COOLINE® Powercool® SX3 Race Vest is the smart, wearable cooling solution that energizes during sports, work, health issues and leisure – both indoors and out. With 24 3D COOL® pads and 15 ventilation channels, the E.COOLINE® Powercool® SX3 Race Vest is designed as a wearable and climate-friendly air conditioner. A refreshing cooling and the ideal solution for everyone – indoor and outdoor.

The high-tech cooling vest is quick, easy, practical and mobile to use anywhere, charged in seconds and ready for immediate use. The beauty of it: you cool effectively and sustainably. Because only natural refrigerants such as water and air are needed for activation – no external energy source is required.

Due to the normal heat development of the human body, the water molecules bound on the fibers of the 3D-COOL material evaporate so effectively that a pleasant temperature of 16 – 20°C with a cooling capacity of up to 660 watts/l is thus established.

Through the physical principle of evaporative cooling, the Powercool SX3 race vest thus cools more strongly at higher temperatures and less strongly at lower temperatures. This always produces an optimum cooling result – automatically. The system always adapts to the parameters “core body temperature” and “outside temperature”, so that hypothermia is ruled out.

And the beauty of it: An external energy source is not needed, you can move freely and determine yourself where and when you want to cool.



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